The Long Ballad

Director: | Zhu Ruibin

Cast: | Dilraba Dilmurat | Leo Wu | Zhao Lusi | Liu Yuning | Fang Yilun | Zhang Haozhe | Cheng Cheng | Jin Xi | Liu Haikuan | Cao Xiyue | Wa Er | Yi Daqian | Li Guangfu | Geng Le | Cheng Taishen | Sa Dingding | Wang Xiaowei | Liu Chuxuan | Liu Zirui

Genre: Action & Adventure,War & Politics,

Region: China

Year : 2021

Overview: Li Chang Ge's family was murdered by Li Shi Min, the Emperor of Tang, during the Xuanwu Gate Incident. She heads to Shuo Province under the guise of a man with hopes of raising an army to kill Li Shi Min to avenge her family's death. However, as a captain of the army of Shuo Province in Zhangzhou, she loses a siege by the Eastern Turkic Khaganate General Ashina Sun, who takes her to serve him as a personal military strategist. Enjoy unlimited entertainment with the whole family at no charge, here at DivxFree

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