Desert Dragon (2021) Hindi Dubbed

Director: Wang Yan Peng

Cast: Du Jian Qiao,Liu Yi Yan,Sun Jiaolong,Wang Zhi Gang,Zhang Xi Lai

Genre: Action,Comedy,Fantasy,Hollywood Dubbed

Region: China

Year : 2021

Overview: Before the falling of the Tang Dynasty, Huang Fudian as the elder of Kunwu Pavillion from the Kunlun Mountains sensed the Demon Clan’s attack on their main terrain. Together with his disciples, they fought the Tree Demon and were sacrificed when it consumed the Xuanyin Marble consisting of tens of thousands of devil souls. Huang Fudian used his last power to teleport both his disciples, Xun Tu and Chu Linger three days back at Panshi Town, hoping they could destroy the Xuanyin Marble before the Demon found it. Li Yuanji and his mates who were just nobody met them and got involved in the fight between the demons. During the process, Li has grown from a selfish citizen to a selfless and righteous man, until he finally laid down his life as a desert hero to beat the Demon and save the others. Enjoy unlimited entertainment with the whole family at no charge, here at DivxFree

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