Legend of the Galactic Heroes: My Conquest Is the Sea of Stars

Director: | Noboru Ishiguro

Cast: | Kei Tomiyama | Masashi Hironaka | Ryou Horikawa | Katsuji Mori | Kazuhiko Inoue | Norio Wakamoto | Hirotaka Suzuoki | Issei Futamata | Takaya Hashi | Toshio Furukawa | Hidekatsu Shibata

Genre: Animation,Science Fiction,War,

Region: Japan

Year : 1988

Overview: For the past 150 years, humanity’s two greatest nations have been deadlocked in a meaningless war. In what is hoped to be a miraculous victory, the Alliance embarks on a battle to break through the Empire’s frontline. Like many other “decisive” battles, this can only end in disaster; a sentiment shared by Imperial nobleman Reinhard von Lohengramm and Alliance Commodore Yang Wen Li, both of whom realize how to turn the fight in their favor. And while the tides of war may never change, these two men must rise to the occasion, solidifying their place in history as heroes. Enjoy unlimited entertainment with the whole family at no charge, here at DivxFree divxfree.com...

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